WhoWantsToBeaCopWhy would anyone choose to be a police officer in a society seemingly at the precipice of cultural ruin? In fact, fewer and fewer are choosing a career in law enforcement. According to The Washington Times (June 24, 2019), metropolitan PDs are finding it difficult to attract qualified candidates. Police applications nationwide have decreased by 66 percent. Nearly half of all officers hired quit within five years.

It’s all about the culture.

I was a cop for fourteen years—four in Miami, Florida, where I patrolled black ghettos; ten in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I served on a TAC/SWAT and then as a homicide detective. To some degree, every cop becomes cynical about human nature and civilization itself. All you see is the evil in which mankind indulges—theft, assault, lies, murder, child molestation, rape, cheating, deceit…

And, in today’s culture someone has to be blamed for society’s failures. The cop has become the fall guy. If he gets shot and killed?  Hey, he’s only a cop routinely attacked as a racist and fascist by the press, “intellectuals,” much of the public, and by pandering politicians.

But if the policeman must shoot someone in self-defense or to protect a citizen, it’s his fault. And to hell with facts. After all, the suspect, even if he has a five-page rap sheet for violent crimes, is a “victim of society.” Protestors fill the streets demanding “social justice” for the perpetrator.

Respect for law and order declines precipitously while sympathy for criminals increases in a permissive culture where virtually anything goes. Muggers and thieves are morphed into the real victims of society. It’s not their fault that they’re hooked on drugs, not employed, belong to gangs, and are chronic ne’r do wells hanging around street corners looking for purses to snatch. They deserve sympathy and a second chance. And a third, a fourth… ad infinitum.

I’ve busted felony suspects with rap sheets listing more than one hundred previous arrests—and then they receive another probation.

Many jurisdictions are now de-criminalizing property crimes such as larceny, shoplifting, and burglary. Legalizing theft, in other words. It’s not the perpetrator’s fault that he had rather steal than work; it’s society’s fault. Some current candidates for the White House campaign to extend reparations to convicted drug dealers. Squatter camps for the “homeless” blight many cities, their occupants composed primarily of alcoholics, dopers, and thieves. Feces and used hypodermic needles litter the streets. Addicts shoot up in plain view—and cops are ordered to look the other way.

Some cities even promote “safe places” for addicts to shoot up, along with free narcotics and medical overseers to make sure dopers indulge safely.

Some “prison reformers” suggest that penitentiaries are inherently racist and should be abolished, ignoring the logic that “if you do the crime, you do the time” has nothing to do with race.

Cops on the streets witness daily some of the most depraved and abnormal behavior imaginable—and now society is normalizing much of it. Who would have thought in a saner society that there could possibly be 114 different genders, at last count, that males could become females, females become males, and that a woman could legally marry a train station while another “identifies” as an aardvark and no one questions it. Cops often feel they have been thrown into a lunatic world where nothing makes sense anymore.

Anarchy reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany or Lenin’s Russia sends masked and armed Antifa predators into the street and campuses to hush and assault those who dare disagree with them. Cops are told to stand down, watch but don’t interfere. A slate of some 24 Democrat candidates running for President of the United States has openly revealed themselves as socialists and communists, even though socialism always ends up, as in Venezuela, with people eating their canaries and zoo animals to keep from starving.

Cops in a free society protect that freedom and the people in it. They only become fascist when fascists and socialists take over a government.

Feminism, the wussification of men, and attacks on “toxic masculinity” are other factors involved in the decline of police officer recruitment. Being a cop is a tough and dangerous business. No matter how you parse it, it is a masculine profession for the most part, as is military combat. (I also served in U.S. Army Special Forces, the Green Berets).

It may not be politically correct to say so, but I want John Wayne with me when I’m busting up a gang fight in a bar, not some 110-pound female. If I’m going in after a mass killer or an armed robber, I want toxic masculinity at my side, not some emasculated character who formerly sported a man bun, participates in Rainbow protests off-duty, and apologizes constantly for his lack of “sensitivity.”

After females first appeared on the streets in squad cars, an officer dispatched to a bar fight came on the radio requesting emergency backup. Dispatch assigned one of the female units.

“No! No!” the on-scene officer protested. “You don’t understand. This is a major donnybrook breaking up the place. Send me a real cop.”

In the final analysis, prospective law enforcement candidates are saying it’s not worth it to become a cop in a politically correct, “social justice” society where the entire culture has been contaminated and turned upside down as it plummets to its own extinction.

Charles W. Sasser is the author of Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing. Read more about how cultures destroy themselves historically. Available in book stores, and through Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.