Most Decent Man in PoliticsAn old bromide asserts something to the effect that “it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to do (whatever).” Doctor Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Donald Trump, is a neurosurgeon. He is also one of the most decent and intelligent members of those currently serving in the U.S. Government.

My wife Donna Sue and I campaigned for Dr. Carson during the 2016 primaries of Republican presidential candidates, during which Trump was nominated. We spoke at rallies, handed out literature, published articles in support of Carson… In retrospect, I concede that our nation was fortunate to have elected Donald Trump to the White House; I strongly support him and his policies of Make America Great Again, and now Keep America Great.

Doctor Carson would not have made a good president; he is simply too decent, too humble, too nice for politics—especially if you compare him to the gaggle of foolish Democrats now shrieking from podiums in their efforts to foster socialism upon the nation. They shout and gesture and threaten and promise a free turkey in every pot—the “free turkey” being one of them. But the turkey won’t come free or even cheap.

Politics corrupts. I believe Doc Carson to be incorruptible, a man who does not compromise with principles. Therefore, he cannot survive in politics. Nice guys in that swampy arena more often than not finish last, if they finish at all.

During one of Ben’s rare recent public appearances on TV, he was asked the question, “Would you rather still be doing brain surgery? It’s probably easier than what you’re doing now.”

He responded with one of his shy, humble smiles. “Brain surgery,” he said, “deals with more reasonable people.”

Charles W. Sasser, freelance author and journalist, has published more than 60 books and thousands of magazine articles. His most recent book is Crushing The Collective: The Last Chance for America to Remain Free and Self-governing.

Coming soon: his historical action romance novel, Shadow Mountain, set during the Great Depression era in the Ukraine. Thousands of out-of-work Americans were promised employment and a wonderful life under communism in the USSR. Few ever returned; most ended up in slave labor or executed.