Cant DanceI was never a good marriage prospect, if by that we mean a nine-to-fiver who works a regular job and watches football on Sundays. I was born to wander the globe. That sounds romantic and exciting, but ask three ex-wives about what it’s really like when I’m off to wars, exploring the Amazon, dogsledding the Arctic, sailing the Atlantic, competing in rodeos, photographing elephants in Africa, setting world flight records…

I finally determined never to get wed again. I had girlfriends, some of them desperate to move in with me. One young lady actually climbed balconies to the second floor to get into my apartment when I broke it off with her. Another spread the word that I would marry her. But every time the hex phrase “marriage” came up—I was outa there like a cat scalded by water.

One Christmas week an old friend I call “D” invited me to attend a Christmas dance party with a group to which he belonged. Present at the party was a tiny, gorgeous blonde.

“I’m going to hustle the blonde,” I confided in “D.”

I put my best boot forward to impress her, managing to make a date with her. Later, I learned of her opinion: “He sure is interesting—but he can’t dance!”

Donna Sue and I have been married 24 years now. She knew what she was getting when she married me. And accepted me for who I was born to be—a writer and adventurer. A successful business woman herself, she has accompanied me to the running of the bulls in Spain, riding camels across Egypt, to Alaska, and the Caribbean, to Israel and other places… Best traveling companion and partner I’ve ever had. And the prettiest.

I suppose it didn’t matter too much to her that I can’t dance.

Charles W. Sasser is author of over 60 published books and thousands of magazine articles and short stories. His latest book, Crushing the Collective, a historical look at the collapse of civilizations internally, including our own, is available at bookstores, Amazon, and