TheFaceThis little face, a skull attached to a skeleton. He was five-years-old and weighed about 20 pounds when U.S. Special Forces and the Honduran military found him wandering in the jungle starving to death on the Nicaraguan border, an area called El Camino de Los Muertos. “The Road of The Dead.”

I’m ashamed that I don’t recall his name. He was one of many desplazadas uprooted in those days after communism invaded Nicaragua and Danny Ortega took over. Miskito Indians who refused to be “collectivized” on communal farms, such as those established by Josef Stalin in the early 1930s and which resulted in nearly ten million deaths, were rounded up by force. As a combat correspondent, I witnessed the aftermath of an Indian village that resisted and was wiped out by Ortega’s Sandinistas, including the women and children.

A week later, a contingent of U.S. Democratic congressmen was in Nicaragua giving press conferences on the good “President” Ortega was accomplishing in his communist nation. While at the same time, in the jungle, people were fleeing the collective state—and many of them, like this little boy, were starving.

Look at that little boy’s face again. What you see is the face of government collectivism—of socialism, communism, fascism, of the rise of the State and the collective over the individual. This little boy suffered “the total transformation” of his country. His dad, a contra, died fighting communism. His mother disappeared somewhere. The little boy was left on his own.

But Government always knows best. It is estimated that more than 200 million people in the 20th Century were murdered, starved to death, or otherwise disappeared as a result of Marxism and its roots of collectivism through socialism and fascism. Many in our own country have never seen a socialist dictator they don’t admire.

This child died quietly later in the night, the result of a “total transformation” in his country. And no one cried for him.

Sharon paused and gazed soberly out at her audience. “Folks,” she said, “we are one catastrophe away from the total transformation of the United States of America.” From A Thousand Years of Darkness, by Charles W. Sasser. Available in paperback, Kindle and Nook from,, and selected book stores.