TheCardWe go through life rarely knowing how lives intersect and affect. During a fundraising book signing for a public library system, an attractive woman made her way through the crowd. Laughing, with tears in her eyes, she flung herself into my arms and thoroughly embraced me.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she cried.

I must have looked puzzled. Astonished.

“You were a homicide detective,” she said.

I was—35 years ago.

A tough cop, I might add, to help clarify the incident. Four years with the Miami, Florida, police department, ten in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was a homicide detective. I worked the Miami ghettos for nearly four years, the roughest and most dangerous districts in the city. I busted down doors to arrest armed suspects, had been in 100mph high-speed chases, solved crimes, rescued victims, fought it out with criminals in dark alleys, killed a man in a gunfight. . . Former Governor David Boren once told the press that I was “perhaps the best homicide detective in the nation.”

Cops are more often criticized than thanked.

So. . . Why was this pretty woman thanking me?

“My mother. . .” she explained. “She was devastated after it happened,” she went on. “She was having a nervous breakdown. You were so kind to her. You calmed her down just by taking the time to talk to her. She never forgot it. Neither have I. We’ve kept up with you ever since. She still has your card you gave her.”

Charles W. Sasser
Investigator, Tulsa Police Department

I was so touched by her story that I neglected to ask the circumstances of her mother’s case. I had worked scores of cases over the years. I always tried to treat people—even bad guys—as I would wish to be treated.

I was touched that a woman would remember me and keep a simple business card for over 35 years. . .

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