TargetIt’s easy to become a target in this Brave New World of political correctness. Anyone you may offend or who disagrees with you has the option of smearing your name throughout the world over “social media.” Or targeting you for threats and accusations. Truth and rational debate, it seems, no longer matter. A very wise man once remarked something to the effect that Lie sprints around the world while Truth is still putting on his boots.

As the author of approximately 60 books and thousands of magazine articles, some of which are admittedly controversial (I will not be intimidated from taking a stand), I am often targeted. Examples:

I have been hired to kill you.”

Following the publication of my book PREDATOR, about an Air Force drone pilot, U.S. Air Force Intelligence telephoned me: “We have credible information that a fatwa has been issued against your life.”

One particularly virulent message stated that, “I know Charles Sasser. He and I once slept with the same woman in the same bed at the same time.”

You get the point.

I rarely respond. Let them run their course. People who know me won’t believe them; others don’t really matter.

However, I couldn’t resist responding to one email commenting on a favorable newspaper article about my work.

“You aren’t entitled to be so arrogant,” it began. “The only real difference between the Taliban and contemporary members of the ‘christian right’ (which are neither) is the American branch hasn’t quite gotten to the point of being willing to commit mass genocide. But it’s perfectly clear they would love to have the freedom to do so—after all their ancestors operated the Inquisition and the Crusades.”

My reply: “Mr. Karl—. You sound like a lovely person. God bless you. Chuck Sasser.”

You could hear crickets chirping afterwards.

“Destined to be the defining work of American warrior spirit in the War on Terror era. . .”

From Dalton Fury, New York Times bestselling author of Kill Bin Laden about Back In The Fight by Joseph Kapacziewski and Charles W. Sasser. Available in hardback and paperback at most book stores and from