BurnTheSuckaDown“Burn the sucka down!”

Rallying cry for rioters and looters as violence sweeps the nation’s cities. I saw it all once before, in 1968 when I was a cop in Miami, Florida. Baltimore is simply a replay of Miami, where after three days of shooting and looting I ended up in the hospital, one of dozens of injured cops, while my patrol car ended up with thirteen bullet holes in it.

Listen to politicians and race baiters and they tell you rioting occurs because of “centuries of racial subjugation. . . lingering effects of slavery. . . racism. . .”

No. It has nothing to do with color of skin. Prior to 1960s, there was statistically no difference between black and white communities. Crime rates, labor force, out-of-wedlock births, all social indicators were virtually equal.

So what happened?

The liberal welfare state is what happened.

Government policies destroyed the black culture, says black economics professor Thomas Sowell. They destroyed the black man’s self-reliance, his family, his pride, and his community. Made him dependent upon government rather than upon himself in order to achieve “social justice” and “racial parity.” Individuals lose big time once government shows up.

Today, 85 percent of all black children are without fathers. Most “baby mamas” end up in poverty and on welfare, a repeating cycle. Growing up without fathers forecasts future criminal behavior better than either race or poverty.

Facts are that urban blacks now commit crimes far out of proportion to their population. If “black lives matter,” why are three-fourths of all homicides committed by black people, most of whose victims are likewise black. Common sense dictates high crime areas draw more police attention.

Idle dudes hanging on street corners blocking traffic and harassing citizens will be confronted. Carloads of known gangstas out at three a.m. will be stopped. Known dope dealers holding a stash will be chased. Behavior in high crime areas is more apt to be regarded as suspicious—because it often is suspicious.

Black districts I worked in Miami had the highest rate of violence in the city. Every night, it was junkies and hookers, family fights, shootings and stabbings. Youth hooked on drugs OD’d in musty condemned buildings where cops had to kick rats off the corpses. A street gang stabbed a ‘Rican one hundred times because he unwittingly took a shortcut across the Baby Browns’ turf. Ten-year-olds stole cars, snatched purses, and shot twelve-year-olds. Kids ran as wild as coyotes. Girls thirteen years old gave birth in order to draw welfare. . .

Frightened black citizens, tears in their eyes, ran up to hug cops. “Please, please throw them thieves and gangs and dopeheads in jail. I’m afraid to go out of my house.”

Societal breakdown created by good intentions with disastrous unintended consequences. But every time things blow up, it’s “racism” and not policies that have confined black people to ghetto plantations, made government their “mama,” and ensured continuing unrest.

“Burn the sucka down!”

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