CulturalInsanity“They do not see where their theories are leading them,” Winston Churchill once remarked of socialists against whom he was battling for the leadership of Britain.

The same might be said of America’s Radical Revolution of the 1960s. Its theme of drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, and Marxism has succeeded in replacing the Ten Commandments with goat-headed demons, the family with Adam and Steve or any combination of more than a dozen “genders,” common sense with political correctness that proscribes even thinking against current trends of sensitivity, and a Constitutional Republic with the nanny state.

Call it “cultural insanity.”

The 1960s and their spawn under the name of “Progressivism” dominate the American mainstream from Head Start to Harvard, from the local dogcatcher to the White House. Congressmen and senators in D.C. advocate socialism and the supremacy of government. An openly-avowed socialist is running as a Democrat for the U.S. Presidency, while other Democrats in the race advocate socialist policies but hide from avowing it.

They see the future in Marxist terms through the Big Lie that socialism protects the downtrodden masses and is inevitable—even though socialism has murdered over 300 million and enslaved millions more.

Disturbing polls show 47 percent of Americans now view socialism favorably.

Saul Bellow once commented how, “You wondered whether this Western culture could survive, or whether the worst enemies of civilization might not prove to be its petted intellectuals who attacked it at its weakest moments.”

The United States is at its weakest moment now.

How we choose leaders in 2016 may well determine whether America survives as a free nation. It may be our last chance to get it right.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson with his quintessential American success story of rising from ghetto poverty, said Rush Limbaugh, is the “most intelligent, accomplished and decent human being (among presidential candidates). He’s a man you could trust with babysitting your children. If we can trust him with our children we can certainly trust him with the nation.”

Cultural madness is terrorism. . . We are succumbing to terrorism whenever we censor ourselves, when fewer and fewer people speak out, when we remain silent and concede away our core beliefs and values. . . If we remain silent and stoically accept the madness of our Brave New World, we will eventually concede away the final remnants of liberty. It isn’t civility to remain silent; it’s cowardice.

From Going Bonkers: The Wacky World of Cultural Madness by Charles W. Sasser. Available in paperback and Kindle from and from