Nukes Acrosss the Border“The war on terror was being fought on various fronts around the world. With elections approaching, everyone expected terrorists to open a new front along the Mexican border as they attempted to infiltrate the United States with Jihadia. . .” From Detachment Delta: Operation Aces Wild, by Charles W. Sasser (Avon, 2005)

Exploring the U.S.-Mexico border, I stood on a low hilltop and watched illegals scurry across the border into the U.S. like a swarm of roaches when the kitchen lights go out. I stood at a rusty barbed wire fence, the only barrier separating me from Mexico, and spotted nothing to stop me from crossing over south—or to stop those on the other side from crossing north.

Ranchers on the border in Arizona told me they were afraid to leave their families alone at night. “Undocumented workers”—the politically correct way to frame those who enter the U.S. illegally—trashed ranches, frightened women and children, smuggled drugs and “Lord only knows what else” across the porous border.

Border Patrol Officers in Waco and El Paso and places along the Rio Grande told me confidentially that their orders are not to stop illegals from entering, but instead to wait until they cross, then detain and release them into the U.S. with documents that order them to report for immigration adjudication. Ninety percent of them simply disappear into the various states and never report.

Ancient Rome welcomed Barbarians at their gates prior to its fall. Balkanization of a nation quickly destroys it—as Europe is discovering.

For years, through my published writings, from my experience as a former cop and Army Special Forces operator, I have tried to warn Americans what inevitably must happen. Eventually.

“History suggests that terrorist strikes during major elections are an effective tool. At a minimum, a campaign of suicide bombings is expected to accompany the fall elections. . . A major new terrorist attack within the U.S., especially if it employs weapons of mass destruction, would not only disrupt elections but could cripple the government. . .

“If we don’t clean up our borders, then we had better be prepared to clean up our cities after terrorists finish with them. . .”

From Detachment Delta: Operation Aces Wild.