WarriorsI left home to enlist in the military at barely 18, a tough little hillbilly kid out of the Ozarks. Through the sometimes brutal process by which kids are molded into weapons, I rose to become one of America’s warrior elite in the U.S. Army Special Forces, a Green Beret soldier. For more than 25 years I trained myself and I trained others in the military art and science of warfare. I survived plane crashes and bullet wounds.

Why does a warrior do it?

From the breaking dawn of human history, warriors have been essential to the survival of their people and their clans. A man who could not fight, or who would NOT fight, fell rather quickly before larger, more aggressive males—or he became food for prowling predators. A man was judged by how well he defended his woman, his family, his cave, and his nomadic clan.

When a woman mated, she chose a male with the capability and determination to protect her and her offspring. Wimps need not apply; their gene pool frequently ended rather abruptly.

Only later, much later, did the sensitive, feminized male emerge, his survival made possible because other males took up the sword in his stead.

Terrorists attacking America proves that. While one camp composed of warriors prepares to fight, a second camp made up of wimps runs for cover to tremble behind big, burly men willing to protect them from the bullies of the world. Fearful and timid, they hide behind girly-girl rhetoric that enables them to bellow like bulls even though they are in fact steers, while at the same time they attack the warrior mentality of those who make them safe.

They never seem to understand that lighting a candle and chanting “Give peace a chance” is not going to convert bullies and tyrants to the wonders of modern civilization. A warrior knocking their butts in the dirt—now THAT grabs their attention.

Keep giving your lunch money to the schoolyard bully and he’ll keep taking it from you. Punch out his lights and you get to start eating lunch again.

COMING SOON: “From the Bay of Pigs to the Cuban Missile Crisis, from chasing Che Guevara to thwarting Fidel Castro, from the deltas of Vietnam to the intrigues of European capitals, from the Iran hostage crisis to Nicaragua and the Middle East, it was Navy Captain William Hamilton Jr. more than any other single figure in U.S. military history who not only forged the Navy SEALs but who also stamped his indelible brand upon U.S. special operations forces and upon modern counterterrorism efforts.”

The Night Fighter, by Navy Captain William Hamilton Jr. and Charles W. Sasser, will be available in November at most book stores and on Amazon.com.