TheContrastSome 30,000 people attended the Glenn Beck “Freedom Rally” held in 2010 at the National Mall in Washington D.C. Entire families showed up to hear Glenn Beck, Representative Michelle Bachman, Martin Luther King’s niece, and others speak on the U.S. Constitution and what its survival meant to American liberty.

I attended with my wife Donna Sue, my son David, and our grandson Skylar. As a cop who had fought through the rioting and cultural deterioration of the 1960s, I was skeptical of the ability of such large crowds to maintain decorum without their breaking down into coarseness and violence.

The rally might be called an example of peaceful democratic protest against increasing government control over individuals, U.S. citizens voicing their displeasure in a civilized manner. Entire families spread blankets on the grass and listened respectfully to speakers, whether they fully agreed or not. There were no loud groups marching about stabbing the sky with angry placards. No fires, breaking glass, fights, etc. Not a single one.

When it was over, people rose and hugged each other. As they left the Mall, they picked up their trash and placed it in containers so that the national site was almost as clean as it was when we arrived.

This was the beginning of the “Tea Party” movement. The American Civil Liberties Union called it a “terrorist organization.” The IRS singled it out for special attention. Politicians insulted members with “deplorables,” “hicks,” ignorant hayseeds,” and “fascists. . .”

Skip forward a few years and to the other end of the political spectrum. University campuses with their “safe spaces,” micro-aggressions,” “diversity,” and “hate speech” riot to deny speakers a forum if the speakers are not “politically correct.” The pampered darlings of academia break windows, set fires, assault anyone who disagrees with them, and leave destruction behind when the sun rises.

Other radical groups ambush policemen, loot, and burn while chanting such slogans as “Pigs in a blanket… fry ’em like bacon.” They burn entire city blocks—and what happens?

They are “merely expressing their displeasure” with free enterprise and demanding socialism. They are the “oppressed,” “victims.” Instead of arresting rioters and campus radicals for crimes that include assault, arson and larceny, government “understands their anger” and investigates the police as “racist” or “homophobic” and sends the Justice Department out to take over cities.

Which group is truly the fascists?

Compare the Washington D.C. Mall after 30,000 people left hardly a scrap of paper on the grass to Baltimore or UCLA after “protesters,” most of whom had no idea what they were protesting, left behind shattered glass, burned-out buildings and vehicles, trash and debris and sometimes blood in the streets… and they are largely embraced and protected by so-called political “Progressives…”

One mother cooked her son for herself and her daughter in order to survive. Older children often relayed this message to their siblings: “Mother says that we should eat her if she dies.”

More than ten million people starved to death during the Great Famine deliberately initiated in the Soviet Union by Stalin in the 1930s to force peasants to collective farms…

From Crush the Collective, a major new book by Charles W. Sasser to be released in September to a nationwide media blitz. Could the United States be on the path to its own internal destruction?