THE TOURCH IS BURNING OUTRemember the snowflakes of Occupy Wall Street who were melting down over the 1%? Going undercover as a journalist to investigate OWS in New York provided me a great deal of insight into Rome’s final days when the music died. Rome was so distracted by cultural garbage that the people failed to notice that their rights and liberties were being dismantled.

Look at today’s America: looting, shooting, arson, throwing rocks at cops, rioting, protesting and “safe places” on college campuses to suppress the free speech of anyone with whom the petunias and academic staff disagree, more and more people, especially the young, demanding socialism and communism… Think Bernie Sanders.

At OWS, protesters throbbed around with signs demanding free, Free Everything: guaranteed incomes; more welfare; free mass transient; free vacations; free health care; free college; free recreation; free housing; free internet, free bicycles…

“But who pays for it?” I asked indelicately.

They stared at me like I had two heads. “The rich, of course.”

What destroyed Rome, and has likewise destroyed other nations and empires, was moral and social decadence, weariness, suspicion, laziness, preoccupation with self, corruption, hedonism, materialism, rejection of truth and common sense…

Historian Jim Nelson Black listed symptoms that indicate a modern dying society: an over-centralized government; heavy taxation; top-heavy bureaucracies; liberal policies controlled by sentiment rather than sound judgment; general increase in lawlessness; loss of economic discipline and self-restraint; excessive government regulations; dying religion; erosion of quality and relevancy of education; immorality; decline in the value of human life…

I witnessed these symptoms on OWS. We witness them in society at large.

Author/historian David Kupelian said it best: “Our world includes entire nations that resemble insane asylums with the most deluded and dangerous people in positions of authority. In the case of major utopian systems… millions are brainwashed into not only embracing impossibly irrational, degrading and destructive beliefs (such as socialism), but also believing that they are required to force everyone else on earth to adopt their beliefs—or else be subjugated and slaughtered.”

COMING SOON. Watch for it via a major media blitz in September. Crushing The Collective, by Charles W. Sasser, who writes, “It may be too late to save a free United States of America, as it was too late to save Rome or any of the other empires that collapsed. . . The torch is burning out in America.”