GreatWallofIsraelIn Bethlehem, I walked below Israel’s 20-foot-tall steel, wire and concrete West Bank Barrier Wall erected to help prevent terrorist attacks by Palestinians against the Israeli people. For over a half-century, the Palestinians have waged relentless wars and terrorism against Israel with the intent to “annihilate the Jews” and take over the Holy Land as a Palestinian homeland, even though they have no legal or historical right to it. The bloody assaults continue no matter how many concessions the Jewish homeland makes for peace.

Nothing less than the total destruction of the Jews will satisfy radical Islamic Jihadists. Israeli statistics indicate 3,500 Israelis have been killed and 24,000 wounded or injured as a result of Palestinian violence since Israel became a state in 1948.

U.S. President Donald Trump used the Barrier Wall as an example of how effective walls can be in protecting a nation from illegal insurgents and immigrants.

“A wall protects,” he asserted. “All you have to do is ask Israel. They were having a total disaster coming across, and (then) they had a wall. It’s 99.9 percent stoppage.”

In 1992, then-prime minister Yitzhak Rabin first proposed creating a physical barrier separating the Israeli and Palestinian West Bank populations. Construction began in 1994. Upon completion, the “Great Wall of Israel” will zigzag 440 miles to form a barrier against terrorism.

In 2002, the Israel Security agency reported 452 fatalities from Palestinian terrorist attacks. In 2003 with the beginning of the Second Intifada, Palestinian suicide bombings murdered 293 Israelis and injured over 1,900. Following the completion of the first segment of the wall through 2006, there were only 12 terrorist attacks that killed 64 people and injured 445. Terrorist attacks have continued to decline as the wall extends.

Although the Palestinian Liberation organizations renounced terrorism in 1988 and Fatah says it no longer engages in terrorist acts, both organizations are lying. The Palestinian organizations pay seven percent of their overall national budgets to incentivize terrorism by awarding large “martyr’s” stipends to families of Palestinians killed or arrested while committing terrorism against Jews. The U.S. inadvertently contributes to the Martyr’s Fund through its Foreign Aid to Palestine.

Predictably, the International Court of Justice ruled the Barrier Wall to be a violation of international law. The UN General Assembly condemned the barrier by a vote of 150-6, with 10 abstentions.

Neither the U.S. nor Israel has committed a single act of terrorism against Islamic fanatics. They have only attempted to defend their citizens. Yet, the UN’s next step will be to condemn Trump’s wall as a violation of international law and human rights.

I stood below Israel’s Great Wall in Jerusalem and pumped my fist in its honor.

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