DESPERATLY SEEKING SASQUATCHBelief in the existence of Bigfoot (Sasquatch) is more widespread than belief in ghosts, werewolves, Santa Claus and a National Balanced Budget. Over 500 Bigfoot sightings are reported each year in the U.S. The Pacific Northwest and eastern Oklahoma lead in the number of reported contacts.

Doctor Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University is the foremost authority on the mythical ape man. “I place legend under scrutiny,” he said, “and my conclusion is, absolutely, Bigfoot exists.”

The international search for Bigfoot is the greatest continuing hunt ever launched. My old traveling partner and friend, Dan Case, and I organized a field research expedition to determine for ourselves if the legendary monster exists. For weeks we traveled the nation interviewing witnesses and authorities and backpacking into remote regions where Bigfoot sightings have occurred. Although we never actually spotted Bigfoot, we became convinced that people who have seen him believe in him absolutely.

Here are some of the more intriguing Bigfoot stories:

In 2001, Arkansas reporter Gloria McDonald vanished during a family outing at the Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Although search parties scoured the entire region, and federal and state police have investigated for years, they have uncovered no clue as to her whereabouts. Tracking dogs cowered from her trail. Searchers reported disgusting odors.

Days before she disappeared, five different people witnessed large, fearful creatures prowling the vicinity. Don Thomas, an experienced outdoorsman and sheriff’s posse member, declared, “Bigfoot walked off with her.”

The 1971 film classic, The Boggy Creek Monster, relates how creatures terrorized rural Fouke, Arkansas. Karen Crabtree, nine years old at the time, recalled hearing the night creature screaming in rage outside her farmhouse. The family barricaded all doors and maintained a frightened vigil until dawn.

I saw it!” Karen said, shuddering.

A grandmother in Oklahoma recalled neighbors capturing a Bigfoot prowling their barn. It created “an awful racket, banging on the sides of the barn, growling and screaming.”

A local predicted that “if that thing gets out of here, we might not oughter be anywhere near.”

The monster crashed through the barn wall and escaped into the woods.

Brothers Willie and Frank McLeod failed to return from gold prospecting in Canada’s Northwest Territory. Search parties found their remains in camp with their heads twisted off. Locals blame a giant, hairy forest man for the slayings.

There are thousands of such stories. Yet, the elusive Sasquatch remains the world’s foremost mystery.

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