NapInTimeAlaskan homesteader, big game guide, and old friend Les Cobb, a couple of his ranch hands, and I were wrangling a ramuda of eleven horses nearly 200 miles across the Alaskan wilderness to a moose hunting camp along the Yukon River. Nearly every day plagued us with drizzling rain, encounters with bears, and hordes of mosquitoes. One wet afternoon when the sun shone briefly, we built a fire on the banks of the Yukon and huddled around it to dry out. I lay down next to it in the sunshine to take a nap.

As I snoozed, the young hands, Bryan and Chet, thought it funny to erect a makeshift cross marking the site of my resting place. I slept on.

What Bryan and Chet didn’t realize was that I had taken “combat naps” under many unusual places and conditions. Donna Sue says I can literally sleep anywhere, anytime; she has clandestinely taken photos of me to prove it.

Some of my more unusual naps:

In the Garden of Gethsemane in Israel against the boll of an ancient olive tree;

In the boughs of a tree during an Army Special Forces mission;

With a team of sled dogs in the Arctic;

In the jungle next to El Camino de Los Muertos in Honduras during the Contra wars;

Next to a camel in Algeria, and in Egypt;

On top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa;

Marooned with my sailboat on a deserted island in the Caribbean;

During a rainstorm while canoeing the Everglades;

Isolated on a spit of land at midnight while kayaking the Inside Passage to Alaska with a 20-foot tide rolling in;

On an island in the Yukon River with a grizzly;

On China Beach in Vietnam…

So, when Bryan and Chet nudged me awake on the Yukon River and waited to see my expression when I noticed what they had done, I merely yawned broadly and winked. Any nap in time will do, anywhere, anytime.

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