IncidentOnASubwayAn otherwise insignificant incident on a New York subway reinforced my contention that the more people mass together the more hardened and indifferent they become to their fellow man.

I flew into “the Naked City” as a journalist to go undercover and write about Occupy Wall Street, the protest movement by the so-called “99 percent” against the wealthy “1 percent.” While riding a subway to Zuccotti Park, I was sitting toward the rear of the car when an elderly black woman stooped over a cane got on at a stop.

All seats were occupied. She stood in the aisle and was thrown about by the stop-and-go movement of the train, almost falling several times. Much younger and more able passengers remained seated and pretended not to notice her plight.

I rose from the back of the car and helped the little woman down the aisle to my vacated seat.

When she got off at her stop, I assisted her to the door where she turned and, with tears in her eyes, threw her arms around me as though no one in New York had ever offered her his seat before.


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