TheScareBearNature’s creatures seem to attack a certain 25-year-old outdoorsman every time he ventures into the wilds. Most recently, a shark nipped a hunk out of his leg while he was SCUBA diving in Hawaii. Before that, a rattlesnake bit him during a backpacking excursion. Then a bear padded up one night while he was sleeping in his tent and gnawed on his head.

I’ve trekked remote corners of the globe for more than 50 years, from rainforest Africa to the deserts of Egypt, from the Amazon River to the Arctic. I’ve chased a shark while SCUBA diving off Costa Rica for pirate treasure, snacked on rattlesnake several times, and chased bears from my campsite by stoning them. Not that I don’t also take other precautions against potentially aggressive wildlife.

I’m a bit particular about who or what gnaws on my head while I’m sleeping. Especially after I found myself trapped on an island in the Yukon River with a grizzly.

A few years ago I solo-kayaked the Inside Passage from Washington State to Alaska. I wore a full dive wetsuit against the icy salt water.

It’s wild country with tides up to 20 or 30 feet and temperate rainforest spilling out of the coastal mountains down to the sea. Whales and other sea mammals inhabit the water, while moose, deer and bear roam the woods.

After a few days wearing the wetsuit, I couldn’t but notice an odor so rank that deer a half-mile away threw up their heads, sniffed the wind, and bolted. That gave me an idea. A stink like that had to signal within a certain radius that the biggest, baddest creature in the forest was coming through,

I set up my smelly wetsuit as a watchman while I slept nights, a “Scare Bear.” I erected it in front of my tent with arms stretched in a threatening manner. I don’t think even chipmunks got within a hundred yards of it. One morning I discovered bear tracks ambling up the beach toward my camp. But then, suddenly, the tracks turned abruptly and went back the way they came. The bear must have gotten a whiff.

I slept in peace every night while my faithful Scare Bear kept vigil.

I’m wondering what you who have read my blogs think about this: It’s been suggested that I expand a bit on these little tales, put them in order, etc., and publish an adventure-travel book to be called MANY LIVES. Would you guys be interested in such a book?