Frogs and PrincesFour-year-old great granddaughter Haleigh was well on her way to becoming a cowgirl. She had the hat, the boots, the belt, and the attitude. I bought her a little buckskin pony to complete her ensemble.

She and her cousin, my grandson Skylar, who was a few months younger, were at our GG Ranch during hay season to “help” with hauling hay, herding cows, and riding horses. Haleigh captured a “pet” toad in the garden and carried it around cooing to it.

Suddenly, in complete disgust, Skylar bolted for reinforcement. “PaPa! Ugh! Haleigh kissed that frog!”

Little Haleigh stood in total bafflement over the accusation. She looked at her frog, she frowned at Skylar, then turned to me for help. I tried to hold back laughter.

“Haleigh, did you really kiss that frog?” I asked.

“PaPa!” she scolded indignantly, as if I should have known better than to ask such a foolish question. “You have to kiss them to see if they’re a prince.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that sometimes a girl has to kiss a lot of frogs before she finds a prince.

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