“Thor, god of storms, banged his mighty anvil and sparked lightning down the roiling black surface of the Irish Sea. From the bow of one of the lead long boats, Norse warrior BrakBloodaxe caught glimpses of other warships in King Olaf’s invasion fleet as they lightning-flickered out of sight in the slashing rain. They reminded him of a mighty hatch of winged serpents flying with the storm, their fierce prows in the shapes of serpents and dragons rising high and intent upon the opposite shore …”

A Viking warrior is sidetracked by his love for a beautiful enemy maiden … the niece of the King of England.

The great Norse warrior, BrakBloodaxe is wounded while on a raid against the Saxons. Despite the injury, he manages to save an enemy princess from rape by another Viking, Earl Thengil, who just happens to be the chieftain of his village in Dublin Kingdom. The princess, Dana Longchamps, nurses Brak back to health. They fall in love – a dangerous complication, given the girl is already betrothed to a Lord Alfred by her uncle, who just happens to be the King of England. Now the military might of two great empires want to tear Bloodaxe and his princess apart.

Gripping and fast-paced, Blood Axe is a powerful tale of battle and adventure from acclaimed author, Charles Sasser.

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